the Artist

Black and white portrait of the artist, a young woman with curly dark hair, white tank top, smiling at the camera, leaning casually on her left arm

Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Florida, & relocating to Germany has been the greatest contribution to who I’ve been & am becoming everyday. My journey to loving, learning & belonging across multiple borders, languages & cultures has challenged my understanding of identity & my relationship to Self, instilling in me the urge to carefully study my own evolution through life as well as my (p)art in it. 

Despite my life trajectory seeming inadvertently sporadic, in all that I do & all that I am, I boldly move with purpose.

Art by SMP is a welcoming intimate space where transparency, vulnerability & tenacity are catalyst for empowering you to do the same. 

Be it through art & advocacy, self-exploration & storytelling, or connection & community— I hope my art encourages us to ever embrace the uniquely vibrant, layered, & beautiful creations that we are as individuals but especially as a collective.

Open for commissions & collabs